Garhwal Trails

Bird watching places of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand Himalayas


Located just southeast of the city of Dehradun, Lachhiwala is good for a morning visit. This Forest Department maintains a picnic spot is located along the banks of the Song River and the road itself passes through some good primary Sal (Shorea robusta) forest. The so-called forest-edge vegetation itself is excellent for birding. To get …

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The Maldevta area is more hilly and rocky. The slopes have lower montane forest. The upper reaches of the Song river and its tributaries rush through here. To get to Maldevta, one has to turn left at the junction at the end of Raipur Road. The road is initially straight and bordered by riverine scrub …

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The eastern part of the Doon is intriguing, and full of birding rewards. This is where the valley narrows down and the dense Sal forests of the Shivalik Hills meet the mixed forest of the lower Himalayas. The land here slopes gently down towards the Ganga as the river flows out of the mountainous gorges, …

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