Dear visitor, we take care before publishing any information on this website. Most of time genuine and correct information, collected from our local guide friends, yet it is impossible to confirm it 100%. We also collect information from different resources which is publically available. We don’t claim the ownership of those images, text, information, as it belongs to their respective owners. If you find any information which is against copy right or have any issue or does not have credit to its actual owner. Simply drop us email at info@pathikworld.com, we will take proper action and do all necessary possible actions to avoid any conflict.
We are committed for nature conservation and its resources and provide help, assistance to locals for their livelihood, through adding bird, nature tourism in their village, town, jungle, local area. We wish to welcome the people of world to visit these naturally rich places and help locals for betterment. If you wish to publish your local birding destination, specially from Uttarakhand, kindly send email separately or contact through proper channel. We are ready to assist you free of cost in all possible way to promote local bird tourism in your area.

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