Sakshi, a native of Uttarakhand, is a dedicated and experienced birdwatching guide. Her deep love for birds and nature and her local knowledge make her an excellent birding tour guide.

Local Knowledge: Growing up in Uttarakhand, Sakshi knows the best spots for birdwatching and understands the local bird species and their behaviours.

Experience: With years of guiding experience, Sakshi has successfully led many birdwatching tours. She is skilled at spotting rare birds and sharing her knowledge with others.

Naturalist Skills: Beyond birdwatching, Sakshi is knowledgeable about the region’s plants and animals, providing a well-rounded nature experience.

Friendly and Passionate: Sakshi’s warm personality and passion for nature make her tours enjoyable and educational for everyone.

Key areas: Sakshi has expertise in Sattal Birdwatching, this is a place where she spends her most birding days, her key areas for Birding tours are – Sattal, Pangot, Munsyari, Chopta, Corbett and Kaladhungi.

Join Sakshi for a birdwatching adventure in Uttarakhand and explore the region’s birdlife with a true local expert.