Looking to host people who choose to stay longer in forest with full of nature experience with all basic amenities of stay; the Oak Forest Home Stay is perfect choice at Kanatal, Chamba

With the green surroundings of Kaudia Forest and nature, The Oak Forest Home Stay is the property that is made with nature material like hill rocks, mud, wood and crafted many wooden items used in to build the structure perfectly. It is the place for all nature lover people who wish to spend their some time in nature, forest by doing bird watching, trekking or do nothing just sitting on different location of forest and get experience of Forest soul. Home stay has only 2 rooms so only take maximum 4 people at at time and is open for every guest to hang out anytime, come visit us and enjoy nature.

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Please Note:

  1. The property has only 2 rooms so maximum 4-6 persons can be accommodate at a time
  2. It is about 3.5 km inside Chamba – Mussoorie Road, required the walking to reach with perfect trekking shoes (normal shoes not recommended). So it is required that guest must walk on hill trail/trek.
  3. Only first 700 meter is stepped trekking rest is plain trekking passing with villages, forest.
  4. For luggage transfer home stay offer the Mule facility to carry your luggage, yet still recommended to carry minimum luggage, as some of them (at least on bag with water bottle, laptop, camera, Tablet etc), guest has to carry themselves. Transferring such sophisticated items over mule may be broken, not advisable.
  5. Your luggage bag should not be like suitcase. It should be like rucksack (with straps) that can tied over mule or can be carry on shoulder.
  6. Almost all mobile network works at Home stay with weak signal strength. Airtel has strong signal.
  7. As guest is staying with a family a gentleman behaviour is expected. Its not a hotel, its a home stay.
  8. All basic amenities like neat and clean proper bedding, electricity, western toilet, open space to sit.
  9. Home made food like dal, roti, rice, salad, tea/coffee, seasonal vegetable etc item served during by Home Stay family.
  10. At least 3 days Pre-booking is mandatory for arrangements.
  11. Expect summer every season, specially winters are quite cold. Carry your woolen item recommended.