Terms,Conditions, Policies

Terms, Condition, Policies of Booking

1. Reservations, Deposits, and Payments

Reservations for tours require a deposit of 20% of the tour cost per person, of which $100 is non-refundable upon receipt. Certain tours, such as in Higher Himalayan Zone may have higher deposit requirements; participants will be notified of those deposit amounts when they register. If the tour is not yet priced, the deposit amount is a flat $200. After the tour is priced and if 20% of the tour price exceeds $200, Pathikworld Tours may send a supplemental invoice for the difference.
Reservations with deposits are accepted in order of their receipt. Telephone reservations are accepted provided that they are followed by the appropriate deposit within 10 business days. Reservations can be made online here. A printable reservation form can also be found by following the previous link. Invoices for the balance of the tour price will be mailed about 6 weeks (42 days) before the departure date. Payment is due on receipt of our invoice.
Payment must be made in US dollars (for International Traveler), by credit/Debit card (MasterCard or Visa), and in Rupees (for Indian Traveler) by credit/Debit card (MasterCard or Visa), Bank Transfer all by using Payment Gateway.After tour confirmation, all payments must be made by credit card; no discount will be applied. If you have any questions about our payment and discount policies, please contact us.


Refunds for tours are made according to the following :
Bookings cancelled after confirmation and payment of deposit will incur cancellation fees as a percentage of the total booking cost as follows, dependent upon the number of days prior to departure that arrangements are cancelled:

  • 90-60 days prior to arrival 10%
  • 59-30 days prior to arrival 25%
  • 29-15 days prior to arrival 50%
  • 15 days prior to arrival 100%

We do refund only through online and it will take 3-6 working days.
No refunds are given for skipped meals or other on-tour activities during tours, what so ever reason is.

3.Price Increases

Price increases may occur unexpectedly. In costing tours months in advance, we try to anticipate the rising cost of airfares, ground transportation, and lodging, but if unexpected increases occur, we reserve the right to charge participants an increase of up to 10% of the tour price. If greater increases are necessary, participants may withdraw without penalty.

4.Tour Alterations

Our tours are carefully planned but sometimes circumstances beyond our control require us to make significant changes after a tour has been published on the our website. If such changes, for example in itinerary or leadership, are necessary before a tour has been confirmed to run (50 days before tour departure unless otherwise specified), participants will be informed and may withdraw from the tour without penalty charges.
If significant changes occur after a tour has been confirmed but before it has departed, it will be Pathikworld Tours decision whether or not we can run the tour successfully. Participants may withdraw without penalty only if they have Pathikword Tours written agreement. If Pathikword Tours decides the tour cannot be run successfully, the tour price will be refunded.
If significant changes to itinerary or mode of operation are forced upon us while a tour is in progress-for example, by an airline strike, weather delay, or political crisis- Pathikword Tours will adjust the tour to the new realities as best it can but other than for its leaders and staff, Pathikword Tours is not responsible for any additional costs. These costs, if any, are a participant expense and will be invoiced after the tour concludes.
Please note that when two leaders are listed, the second may not accompany the tour if there are insufficient registrations.

5.Tour Confirmation

Most our (Pathikworld Tours) tours are confirmed 60 days prior to their departure date. All set non-standard confirmation dates are noted in the Tour Information posted on the Pathikword Tours website (www.birding.co.in) and mailed to all tour registrants at the time of their booking.
Pathikword Tours may on occasion select a tour for Early Tour Invoicing and Confirmation (ETIC). These are typically international tours where participants often have pre- or post-tour travel plans and/or the tour has internal flights that may become space-limited as the tour start date approaches. If a tour is a candidate for the ETIC process, registrants will be notified sometime in the months prior to the normal invoicing date (60 days before tour start). Participation is voluntary - those who choose not to participate will be invoiced at the regular time - but we'll need a threshold level of acceptance before early invoicing can move forward. If that threshold is not reached, the tour will be invoiced at the normal time. ETIC allows participants to make their travel arrangements much sooner than would otherwise be possible.
Tour registrants are advised to be cautious about purchasing services such as flights from home or personal pre- or post-tour activities prior to Pathikword Tours formal confirmation of their tour. If Pathikword Tours has to cancel or alter a tour before formal tour confirmation, registrants will be responsible for any penalties associated with the cancellation of such services. If the early purchase of such services is important, registrants are advised to discuss their purchase with Pathikword Tours.

6.Closed Tours

A confirmed tour is listed as "closed to new bookings" when it is inside the date on which it was confirmed - normally 15 days out but sometimes longer - and all the spaces have been booked and paid, with payments now non-refundable. Cancellations after this point are extremely rare and no formal waitlist is maintained. Should a very late cancellation occur, the tour will be listed immediately on the Pathikword Tours website (www.birding.co.in) home page under the "Upcoming Tours" heading.

7.Tour Cancellation

In case of cancellation by Pathikword Tours, all deposits and other payments for the tour or tour extension will be refunded. Participants should note that the cancellation of a tour's pre-tour or post-tour extension does not affect their rights and obligations with respect to the main portion of the same tour. Please note as well that Pathikword Tours reserves the right to cancel all or part of a tour at any time if we feel that the health and/or safety of our participants are at risk. For more details on refunds, see (Point 2) Refunds above.

8.Tour Materials

Past or prospective bird lists and General Information sheets will be sent to each registrant on receipt of a deposit. Final tour information, meeting instructions, a participant list, and any additional materials will be mailed about One/Two weeks before tour departure. A final tour report will be mailed to all participants after the tour.

9.Travel Insurance

Pathikworld Tours does not sell travel insurance and are unable to give advice on insurance policy content or efficacy. It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance at the time of your booking (Specially in Adventure Travel) with your chosen insurance provider. Pathikworld Tours are unable to take responsibility for costs and liabilities that may result from your decision to travel without insurance, or insurance that may not be fully comprehensive for your needs.

10.Assumption of Risk and Liability Release Agreement

While Pathikworld Tours, leave no effort in its attempt to provide its clients and staff with a safe travel environment, we frequently travel to remote locations where medical care may be nonexistent or minimal, where the terrain may be rugged and unpeopled, and where local governments may respond very differently than our own. We expect our clients to take reasonable and prudent care for their own safety and to recognize that Pathikworld Tours cannot guarantee anyone's personal safety. For these reasons, we are willing to provide you with the tour opportunity you have requested only if you accept your personal responsibilities and you release us from liability for your safety within the limits of the law by entering into the Assumption of Risk And Liability Release Agreement that you will be sent at the time you register for a tour.

11.Travel Documents

Proof of identity required (Voter ID Card, Driving Licence, Passport etc.) in package tours. It is traveller responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents to enable you to travel to India. These may include but are not limited to, valid passport, flight tickets, correct visa for India and any other requirements that may from time to time be required. Pathikworld Tours will not be responsible for any alterations to travel arrangements that may arise from your failure to travel with the correct documentation. Non arrival in India/location as a result of incorrect documentation will be treated as a cancellation by the company.

12.Complaints and Problems

In the event that you have any reason to complain or experience any problems with your travel arrangements whilst you are in India you must immediately inform your guide, house manager or one of our staff, so that we can attend to any service issue that may arise and promptly rectify it. If you wish to complain about an aspect of our service after you have left India this should be communicated to us in writing within 21 days of your departure/tour termination from India. Where any complaint arises from services not wholly owned or operated by Pathikworld Tours we will use our best Endeavour's to address the issue with the relevant supplier during your stay in India. However Pathikworld Tours is unable to accept responsibility or liability for failures and omissions of its suppliers where it neither owns manages or controls such suppliers. We do however exercise care and attention when selecting and promoting the services of third parties to support your travel arrangements. However any assistance provided by Pathikworld Tours in resolving a complaint in relation to any arrangements provided by suppliers to Pathikworld Tours is provided on a goodwill basis and in its capacity as agent for such suppliers.


When you book and travel with Pathikworld Tours, you accept full responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party to our properties, equipment, staff and vehicles and those of our suppliers. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid to Pathikworld Tours or its suppliers upon request. Pathikworld Tours reserve the right to terminate your stay or that of any person travelling with you due to threatening behavior, moral turpitude or conduct which in Pathikworld Toursís reasonable opinion justifies termination of your travel arrangements and in the event of such termination no refunds will be given. Pathikworld Tours will not be under any obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of your stay being terminated.

14.Health and Fitness Requirement

Participants must be in good health and in a good physical condition. It is vital that participants with medical problems make them known to us well before departure. If you suffer from severe muscular, chest, heart or bronchial disorders, or if you are a severe asthmatic, or have high blood pressure, you are strongly advised against participating. Our trips generally take place in remote areas where there is little or no access to normal medical services or hospital facilities for serious problems. Where necessary, evacuation can be prolonged but it is difficult and expensive. Medical and evacuation expenses will be the responsibility of the participant.

15.Tour Leader/Guide

Our Tour Leaders take their responsibilities seriously and if a Tour Leader believes in his/her judgment that you should not participate in the trip, before your departure, even if you pass your medical, he/she may exclude you from the trip. In this circumstance you will be offered the option of taking another trip considered suitable for you or a full refund. If during a trip the Tour Leader considers you should not participate further he/she may direct you not to continue and you must follow the Tour Leader's instructions. In this case you will not be entitled to any refund. Travel insurance may compensate you depending on the circumstances.

16.Dropout during Tour

If for some reason (Unavoidable / Medical Reason) a participant has to drop out from the trek/Tour on any day then Pathikworld Tours will make arrangements for Dropout participant along with participant's one companion return to the nearest road head according to feasibility. A Pathikworld Tours staff accompany will accompany the participant to the nearest road head. Transportation and stay cost at any location has to be borne by the participant.

For more details of terms and conditions except above visit our home website www.pathikworld.com

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