Uttarakhand’s first Butterfly park (Shivalik Butterfly Park and Herbal Garden) is now in existence. 71% parts of Uttarakhand is covered with jungle. Among 1300 species of butterfly found in India, in which more than 500 butterflies found in Uttarakhand. Thats why this state has lot of opportunities in Butterfly watching and the research projects related to this subject.


This Butterfly park is situated in Lachhiwala near Dehradun. Lachhiwala is already a picnic spot and tourist generally visits it.

Butterfly found here are: Plain Tiger, Purple sapphire, Tawny Costor, Common Sailer, Red Parrot, Common Jester, Lemon Pansy, Indian cabbage white, Common Grass Yellow, Common Wanderer,  Orange Oakleaf,Common Jezebel, Common Leopard, Common crow, Lime Swollotail, Chocolate Pansy, Dark evening brown etc. many more.

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