Asan Bird Watching

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The Asan Conservation Reserve (400 m) in Dehradun district at the bank of river Yamuna is India’s first conservation reserve, established in 2005. It covers 4.5 area, this is situated at the junction of the Yamuna and Asan rivers. Asan is listed as an Important Bird Area (BNHS and BirdLife International). Its is popular for winter migrated birds.

Birds Found:

As per the records, more than 250 bird species including 80 water birds were recorded. It is marked by presence of Brahminy ducks, Rudely Shel duck, Dabbling Duck, Diving Duck. Birds; Herons, Egrets, storks, Ibises are Geese, which are seen during winter season (Nov to Feb)


Birding Trails:

You can take a round of 3 km (approximate) to see the birds in differnet spots near the wetland. At Rampur mandi, one km jungle trail will discover more forest birds. The edge of Yamanu river will also a showcase of birds. Two-three days of birding will fill your all needs.


How to reach here:

By road, Dehradun – Herbertpur (30Km)-Asan CR (8km). Coming from Paunta Sahib (Himachal), just take a drive of 7 km to reach the Asan.


Stay Facilities:

Private cottages/Huts, Resort at Nearby Villages, Rampur Mandi FRH, GMVN guest house. For food no restaurant/dhaba, bring your meal your self.