A place which has no match anywhere in Uttrakhand and a place which comprises as beautiful birds as the place itself. The paradise for birding the Munsiari and its nearby areas.
The real experience of birding and the ultimate sightings of Himalayan mountains both are here. Munsiari welcome all who are seeking great beautiful birds in a great place and who just want to lost in the wild and explore the nature and the birding world. It lies into Gori river basin and near to Tibat and Nepal border. More than 300 birds are identified here. The Gori River Basin and Askot Wild Life Sanctuary is important bird area as declared by BNHS. The reviving views of nature and the numbers of lifers in birds is what the Munsiari got for birders . Due to altitude 2300mts from sea level and being close to greater Himalayas, the Munsiayri is blessed with great high altitude Himalayan Wildlife and birds. It's not only home of most beautiful bird of India but also some of the rarest.

Spotted Laughingthrush

Birds Found:

Most beautiful bird of India and one of most beautiful bird of world Himalayan Monal, One of the smallest bird of Asia Fire Breasted flowerpecker, Critically endangered bird White Throated Tit, Snowy Browed Flycatcher, Himalayan Cutia, Red headed Bullfinch, Pied Thrush, Green-tailed Sunbird, Bearded Vulture, Golden eagles, Grey bellied Tesia, Snow Partidge , Satyr Tragopan , Euraisan Woodcock ,Robin Accentor , Great and Black Throated Parrotbill , Hill Partidge ,Chestnut-Crowned Warbler,Spotted Laughing Thrush , Robin Accentor, ,Great Crested Tit, Rose finches , European Goldfinch and Yellow Breasted Green Finch,Himalayan Snowcock,Koklass pheasant , Long-Billed and Long-Tailed Thrushes , White-browed Bush Robin , Mrs Gould Sunbird and many more..

Birding Trails:

White-throated Tit

This area is best explored in a week-long(7-9 days) visit.



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Altitudinal Range:

2300 mtr.


Home stays at the villages, Camps, KMVN and a variety of low-to medium budget hotels around Munsiyari.