Mahesh Khan is an area of thick dense forest, which is very solitary and calm mostly. The area has a habitat of oak and Rhododendron trees and full of birds and animals. Maheshkhan is perfect for a bird watcher, an observer, a writer. The nature trails provide peace and an unforgettable experience of birding in jungle silence.

Mountain Hawk Eagle

Birds Found:

Khaleej pheasant, koklaas pheasant, white browed shrike babbler, striated laughing thrush, rusty tailed flycatcher, white cheeked nuthatch, velvet fronted nuthatch, brownwood owl, collared owlet, black faced Warbler, rufous bellied woodpecker

Birding Trails:

Rufous-bellied Woodpecker

Number of trails leading uphill towards the top of the ridge, while others lead downhill towards mixed broad-leaved hill forest along with mountain stream. The dusty track that leads to the FRH from the highway is also a good trail for birds. A 4Days/3Night trip is perfect to cover Maheshkhan birding.

Altitudinal Range:

Maheshkhan (2,200 m)


Maheshkhan FRH has two rooms and 12 Bomboo Huts.