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Sale! Pangot Birding
Pangot Birding

Bird Specialties:

Cheer and Khalij Pheasants, Lammergeier, Himalayan Griffon, Spotted and Slaty-backed
Forktail, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Rufous-bellied and Small Niltava, Blue-winged and
Chestnut-tailed Minla, Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Grey-crowned Prinia, Yellow-breasted Greenfinch, Green-tailed Sunbird.

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Sale! Pawalgarh Birding
Pawalgarh Birding

Bird Specialties

Rufous-bellied Eagle, Great Slaty Woodpecker, Great Hornbill, White-bellied Erpornis,
Little Pied Flycatcher, Nepal wren-babbler, Blue-bearded Bee-eater.

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